Climb for Your Life


On October 23, the fitness center held the Climb for Your Life event, which was a Halloween party/costume contest at the rock wall to get people aware and interested in what the rock wall has to offer. The idea came about because the rock wall staff usually have two events and decided to capitalize on the fact that Halloween was near. The planning started way back in September and the event was pushed via social media and tabling around two weeks before being held.This did wonders because around 40 people showed up, dressed in their best costumes.

The winner of best costume for Climb for Your Life was Cory Kimmell, who was dressed as Princess Slave Leia. His reason for buying the costume was to wear it to Otakon, which is a comic-con in Baltimore. He said it was a satire on the nature of women’s costumes today. Even though Cory said he got some flak from his roommates, he proved them wrong by winning best costume and receiving a free semester rock wall pass ($30 value).

Overall, everyone enjoyed themselves and the rock wall awareness goal was reached.The staff is toying around with a Valentines Day theme for the next event, but even if they don’t go for it there will be another event of some kind to look out for!