Reducing Stress During Finals Week


1. Make a study schedule. If you’re organized and stay on top of things, you’re guaranteed to be a lot less stressed. Break up your time into smaller chunks rather than cramming for everything all at once. Make sure you include time for breaks for eating, napping, and other activities to keep your brain from going to mush!

2. Don’t cram right before the test. Studies show (and I can attest to this myself) that if you study before you go to sleep, you absorb all the information while you sleep and you’ll remember more the next day.

3. Eat healthy. If you think chugging back 5 Red Bulls and 3 chocolate bars will give you enough energy to conquer the world, you’re wrong. The crash you get afterwords will have you feeling even worse than you did before. Healthy foods will help you feel more energized, you’ll feel full longer, and you’re doing something great for your body!

4. Exercise. Go for a quick run, do some yoga, lift weights. Exercise boosts your endorphins, takes your mind off of all your worries, and improves your mood. You’ll be less stressed afterwards and ready to tackle studying for your exams.

5. Stay hydrated. Nothing is more relaxing than curling up with some tea. If that’s not your style, water is the way to go. Either way, staying hydrated is important because studies have shown that stress can lead to dehydration. So put down the coffee and the energy drinks and pick up something that your body will thank you for!