Girls Club Basketball Recap: Bomb Squad vs. Big Red

Today, January 31, 2016, Ithaca’s girl’s club basketball team went against Cornell’s big red. The game started with Ithaca scoring  a free throw, and from that moment on there were intense back and forth battles for possession, as the girls fought for the victory.

The first portion of the game stayed with a chasing score. No matter which team was in the lead, they often only stayed up by two or even just one point.

With 13 minutes left in the half Cornell scored the games first three-pointer, thereby setting the tone for the rest of the half. The three-pointer caused Ithaca to follow by four, but they quickly made-up for lost time, and points. Within two minutes, the game was tied back up.

Towards the end of the half Cornell had some great passing around the circle that allowed them to be very successful on the offensive end. They drove themselves to the basket numerous times, and caused a number of fouls on our lady bombers. With four minutes in the half, Cornell lead Ithaca by 10.

Our IC defense got much tighter at the end of the half, and Cornell did not score any points in the last few minutes. Making the half time score, Cornell 17, Ithaca 12.

The second half started with red possession, and they took it straight to the hoop. And with 12 minutes in the half, Cornell had its second 10 point lead of the game. The bomb squad still continued to fight through it all, and managed to close the point gap the absolute best they could. With twelve seconds left in the game, they were only down by 1, and had just gotten themselves a 1-in-1 foul shot. Both shots were made, and Ithaca was up by 1.

It was a long fight, but In the last 5 seconds of the game Cornell scored a free throw, resulting in a final score of Cornell 27. Ithaca, 26.

The girls played one more half, and that stayed tight the entire time. Ithaca remained down by a few points for the duration of the first half, although the defense was tough and were not letting anyone break their walls without a fight. Foul shots were not as frequent from either team, and each team scored almost every time they went back and forth on the court. And the final result of the third half was Cornell 20, Ithaca 11.