Ultimate Frisbee Competition

It sure isn’t the most well known sport, but on Saturday January 30th, over 100 hundred people gathered to participate in this sport known as Ultimate Frisbee.

In addition to four teams representing Ithaca alone, other schools including Cornell University, SUNY Cortland, Syracuse University, and RIT gathered in the A&E Center to compete. The Ithaca teams included an upperclassmen division, lowerclass men, Ithaca “Townies” and Ithaca alum.

The center was filled with high energy. All the competitors were extremely focus but it was evident that the passion for the game shined through that.

Ultimate Frisbee is defined to be a non contact sport that is played with a flying disc. The goal of the sport is to get the disc into the end zone. The player with the disc cannot take steps, which makes team work and communication extremely important. While getting the disc to the end zone is important, there are many important aspects and techniques of the game that include making sure that the is no “foul play” to obtain the disc from the opposing team.

The tournament began at 9am and wrapped up later that afternoon. Spectators and players were very enthusiastic and involved in the matches. From the sidelines there were constant cheers of encouragement.

What made this tournament unique was that there were several matches going on simultaneously. At the 12oclock hour on the far left was RIT, then red shirts indicating SUNY Cortland players, and on the furthest right of the arena, were the Ithaca teams.

“It’s a good spectator sport,” said Dan Percival, a senior marketing major and one of the few captains of IC’s Ultimate Frisbee team. “It has a lot of opportunity for big plays. It’s a lot different indoors though.”

Percival became captain of the team at the beginning of this academic school year. He stated it’s a sport that he really enjoys. “I love it because wherever we go, whoever we play, it’s the same attitude. “

“There’s no referee,” he added. “It’s a very good spirited sport and wherever you go it’s the spirit of the game. We’re to have fun and we’re here to win.”

Here at Ithaca College the sport is played both indoors and outdoors. “In the fall we would practice outdoors and we did drills. We had an advisor that would teach us different drills and we would do pickup games against the guys to put these skills to use in an actual setting,” said Annalise Carr a sophomore Occupational Therapy major. On Saturday, Annalise was playing with the underclassmen division.

A little exhausted and out of breath she added, “I love how everyone on the team is so nice. I’ve never played Frisbee before last semester but it’s probably one of the best decisions I made in college.”

Want a cool and different way to get fit? Join the Ultimate Frisbee team. The teams meet twice a week.