Club Tennis Serves Up Round Two

Just last Saturday, April 16th, Ithaca College Club Tennis Hosted their second invitational match of the year. The previous one was held first semester, and now are back at it again towards the end of the school year. Similar to the first match of the year, they invited 4-5 other D3 club tennis teams from around the area to compete in the matches.

Of the schools who were invited to come, they bring both teams of doubles and singles to compete in matches.

From my observations from earlier in the afternoon, the bombers were doing fairly well. With the majority of the team members making it to the next round of the tournament.

Last invitational Cortland was a front runner, and was in it all the way until the end. They seem like they could do the same this time as well.

The event itself is very long, and the players have to endure a lot of waiting during the process. From 9am to 6pm, and the worst part is the home stretch. Players from all teams said they were tired and after playing around 4-5 matches in order to get to the end, even sitting down to relax hurt a bit!

Although one thing that was different from the last time, was that this tournament took place on a beautiful sunny day. Something that was hard to endure for players who just wanted to be outside enjoying the weather, instead of stuck in the A&E for  9 hours!

The Invitational seemed to have a great turn out both times, however hopefully this time our  south hill squad was able to pull trough and slay some dragons!