IC Unbound Dance Co. Makes a “Lasting Impression”


On April 24th, this past Sunday, IC Unbound Dance Company presented their second performance of the year, ‘Lasting Impression’. Audience members packed Emerson Suits to see the girls and guys perform at both 2 and 8pm.

The club features members of all standings. For freshman who just joined second semester, it was a fun way to showcase their new talents. However for second semester seniors, it was tough knowing that this was their last performance as a college students and with their fellow dancers.

Senior Melissa Miranda said. “I cried at the 8 o’clock… right after every dance I was in. I tried to hold it together on stage for the dancers who brought my choreography to life, but it sucks knowing this was my last time performing.” She said. “I’m grateful to have continued to dance through college and with those who share the same passion for dance as I do.”


For those who are not familiar with the club, anyone is able to be a part of Unbound dance company. They do auditions in both the fall and spring semesters, and dancers are selected by student choreographers to perform in their pieces. Students can dance in up to 5 pieces per show, and generally each person who auditions is chosen for at least one dance.

This semesters performance featured 28 student choreographed dances. And just because the choreographers decided they wanted to make pieces, doesn’t men they weren’t in others as dancers!


‘Lasting Impression’ was not just group numbers either. There was a healthy mix of trio’s, duet’s, and solo’s performed by senior members. Although the club looks like a lot of fun, it is also important to note how hard these performers worked to make this show possible.

“It is a lot of fun, but a lot of work.” Senior Perry Moskowitz said. “I love it and we really do spend a lot of time together working on the dances… we’re like one big family.”

Like any other club, Unbound is a student run organization. Therefore putting everything together is done by the Eboard.

Senior club president Madison Barao cried at the end of the show, and was grateful to have held such a prominent role with the club . “I have been so blessed to be president of this amazing, talented… group of girls for the past two years… and I know [the next president] will do such an amazing job.”

I looks like Unbound will be under some new direction, however this show definitely did it’s job. It made a lasting impression in the mind of those who had never seen them perform, or thought about joining. By the time the Fall semester rolls around, they may have quite a few new dancers that want to tear up that stage.

Whether this performance was about saying hello or farewell, It was definitely one to remember.