IC Unbound Dance Company Presents: Risk It All


Saturday December 3rd, Ithaca College’s Unbound Dance Company took the stage in Emerson Suite for their end of fall semester showcase.

The performance featured a total of 17 pieces, all varying in genre, number of dances, and emotional appeal. However the best, most unique feature of this company is that it’s 100% student run!

Every semester the company has open auditions for anyone interested. And if you happen to make the cut for a student choreographers dance you tried out for, then you’re in! With a program full of 17 pieces the club provides ample opportunities for a large number of dancers to get involved.

Junior Unbound President, Christina Yuu believes it’s this aspect of opportunity that makes the club so special.

“I just love being a part of something that makes so many people happy” Yuu said, “So many people want to choreograph, and so many new people always want to dance. There are always new members, so out family is constantly growing.”

Yuu also mentioned how none of this would’ve been possible without her lovely E-board — who are a compilation of  students who range from Sophomore to Senior status.


Besides the president there are four other positions that make up the Executive board: Chair of Performance, Co-Chairs of Publicity,Treasurer, and Secretary.

Aside from behind the scenes of what makes Unbound, Unbound, the performance as a whole was amazing! Emerson suites provides dancers with a stage as well as individual lighting patterns to help their choreographic visions come to life. As well as individual costumes selections that each were visually appealing.


There was Hip-hop, contemporary, and even tap! Solos were featured in addition to large group numbers, and even a “freshman” dance specifically to showcase the talent of the brand new Unbound members.

If this show didn’t make it on last weekends to do list, thank goodness they have another one in the spring! Be sure to tune in if you love to watch creativity in its purest from maybe even some fellow classmates. Who knows, maybe even an Unbound audition is in your future, but definitely don’t let this opportunity skate by. Because whether you are watching or participating, take member Alyssa Curtis’ word for it,

“it was a lot of work, and a lot of time, and maybe I should’ve only done two dances instead of five. But in the end it was worth it”